Satin Migration

Migration of $SATIN Tokens from Satin Exchange

Due to the technical failures of Satin Exchange, we were forced to relaunch with a new, more experienced development team. As a gesture to our community, we established a migration fund in the initial token supply and are allowing our Satin Exchange users to migrate their tokens to Retro. Below are the steps to complete migration:

$SATIN Holders

If you hold $SATIN in your wallet - migrate your tokens to Retro here: Just make sure to hit the "Approve" button first (and sign the transaction), then the "Migrate" button (and sign that transaction).

veSATIN Holders

If you still have a locked veSATIN position - You can unlock your position via contract interaction and withdraw liquidity. Here are the steps:

1. Go here -

2. Connect your wallet (click the "connect to Web3" button) and and ensure "write as proxy" is selected (it is a button above the "connect to Web3" button)

3. Navigate to option 23 and enter your NFTID on the line provided.

4. Hit the "Write" button

5. You'll be asked to perform a transaction from your Web3 wallet - do so.

6. After a successful transaction, you'll now see your underlying $SATIN-$CASH liquidity staked on Satin.Exchange. At this point you can unstake and withdraw the underlying tokens.

Reminder Trading on $SATIN pairs is permanently paused. Emissions earned can only be migrated, not sold. $SATIN that is withdrawn from unlocked veSATIN positions can only be migrated, although the $CASH can be used for whatever you'd like.

Presale Participants

If you took part in the presale - your vested tokens will be automatically migrated to veRETRO, no action is necessary on your part. If you are still holding some of the unvested $SATIN in your wallet, use the link above to migrate them.

The veNFT that you were airdropped from the presale can NOT be unlocked for tokens. These were for voting power only and have no underlying value as was explained during the presale and afterwards. If you're not sure if your veNFT was a presale NFT or not, check the NFT ID in the Vesting page on Satin.Exchange. Any NFT ID from 0 - 2011 was airdropped and can not be unlocked.

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